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Oliver is a passionate, national award winning photographer.

He lives in Giessen, near Frankfurt/M., right in the heart of Germany.

For over two decades he's working for magazines.

He is contract-photographer by the " MDV Giessen " journalism-company,

well-known for his authentic and individual portraits .


Also this kind of photography has taken him to various places around the world, including

Sweden, Iceland, Australia, USA, France and many more.

So he gets his personal favorites in " 500PX " & " INSTAGRAM "


The essence you will find in " PIXX "



Dietgard Wosimsky

( Past President of the Hein-Heckroth-Society Giessen e.V. )




     This is a showroom by my journalistic workflow, all presented datas (technical and personal) are saved         by me on external hard disk. On a legal way no one is able to share, or publish, or buy these or parts             of them, but me.                           

     The datas will not impart to anyone.                                                                                                                           Anytime it is possible to delete all datas by me if it is personals/models request.                                                                                                   Write to : oliverschepp@gmx.net             

    DSGVO  : All pictures (Pixx) are taken before 25. May 2018, analogue & digital - In my profession !!